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Carleigh Herbert is a makeup/fx artist from San Diego, CA. She began her makeup career after leaving behind her study and practice of choreography in dance due to medical conflicts.  Her love of gore and character work took her from stage performance to pursue film and television. After years of running independent movies and working in a prosthetic fx lab for Kenny Myers and Skin Illustrator, Carleigh became a member of Local 706. At 27 she took over as dept. head for Teen Wolf, just years after joining the union. From there she continued to design and lend her talents to the entertainment industry covering all aspects of makeup: beauty, character, period, prosthetics, blood gags + more. She prides herself on being a well rounded artist, and is continuously growing in her craft. She has been a guest many times on makeup panels such as Comic-Con and IMATS,  and has also taught classes on technique + period work for The Powder Group. 


Carleigh has been nominated for multiple Emmys and Guild Awards in both prosthetic and non-prosthetic makeup. She is also a licensed cosmetologist and has studied and is fluent in American Sign Language. 

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